Tips for cyber safety while practicing Social Distancing

Being a parent, the most important concern is to keep your kid’s online security intact especially when they are teens. And as everybody is practicing social distancing nowadays by staying at home it’s the responsibility of every parent to talk to their kids about cybercrimes and discuss the measures to keep their online security intact. These quarantine days have turned into weeks and now to a month, but to this, you need to make your loved ones learn to protect identities when at home.

In this article, you will get to learn about the safety measures to take online along with some informational insights for cybersecurity. Before we take the topic further to discuss we strongly recommend to download McAfee antivirus. McAfee antivirus software is a comprehensive safety product to block vulnerable viruses and cyberattacks to your data and device.

Why is it important to have cyber safety for kids?

It’s no way around, we need the internet for every work we do whether it is related to the office, bank, shop, paying bills, or connecting to your social circles, families, and friends. We just need to plug in and a wired life makes internet safety a major concern. Nowadays for kids also the internet has become a daily thing to be used, for school, for entertainment and much more and at this point, parents do need to stay digitally proactive. So, the best thing is to just learn and then pass on the skills that initiate that vulnerable risk.

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What are the evil effects of internet platforms?

There are many threats that occur over different social platforms and any danger that occurs online is dangerous due to vast access and flow of breached data. In just a few clicks we can unlock the world of possible vulnerabilities. There is almost a battalion of cyber scammers who are present online to exploit the access of your personal information. On the online platforms, we encounter the best and the worst human beings, and the threat children encounter are bullying, bad content, predators and the loss of privacy along with digital virus, malware, phishing scams and many more.

Tips and tricks to avoid digital risks while practicing social distancing

Given below are 11 internet safety measures for those who are working from home:-

  1. Stay candid about the content to be posted.
  2. Keep your passwords, software, app updates on track.
  3. Balance life and technology.
  4. Lead a leader’s path when you are online.
  5. Reach out to find out different scams.
  6. Don’t be friends with strangers.
  7. Keep your privacy intact on social profiles.
  8. You need to consider a family VPN.
  9. Just review your gaming safety.
  10. Monitor the devices that are connected with one network.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

To protect every moving part on the internet is just not easy and to balance your parenting skills in these tough times is a task to do. The kids can experience more drama and anxiety by going online and accessing social media platforms. So, this lockdown, brush up your parenting skills to guide and learn the measures to protect their online identities. Moreover, you can download and install McAfee antivirus software to run the software and block the vulnerable cyber threats.

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