Tips to stay safe while Video conferencing in Quarantine

There are more than a million people worldwide who are practicing social distancing by staying at home and completing their office work from homes due to Coronavirus. Like many tasks in the office, some of the tasks are completed with video conferencing. Whether you are attending regular work meetings or taking time to have a virtual happy hour with friends or catching up with family members across the globe. We know that video conferencing is a convenience to many of the activities that we can no longer accomplish in reality.

But as there is a rapid increase in the use of Video conferencing, security comes to the most preferential task. Moreover, we recommend you to download McAfee antivirus software to avoid scamming activities while doing video conferencing. Just download McAfee antivirus from In this article, you will get to learn tips to avoid any scamming activities.

Tips to block scamming while video conferencing

Here are some of the tips and tricks that will help you to block cyber scamming while doing video conferencing:

  • You should stay away from virtual party crashers.
  • Make sure your data is safe and secure within the right hands.
  • Pay attention to the privacy policies set by the organization.
  • Install a trusted antivirus like McAfee or Avast.

What are the primitive tricks to stay safe while doing video conferencing?

As the users have no other option but to stay at home and work, conferencing tools will stay to become a necessity and the only source of doing virtual communication.

  • Make sure you do the research properly: There are different video conferencing tools that are readily available online. You should use the end-to-end encryption while considering the tools for the same. This ensures that only the participants can decrypt the content in the meeting. Moreover, it is important to read the privacy policy that comes in the video conferencing programs to find the most secure fits.
  • Protect your conference meeting with a password: Make sure that you only invite those who can easily access the relevant content in the meeting and you need to keep it password protected. For maximum safety, activate passwords, personal meetings, and others.
  • Block the users from monitoring and controlling your screen: In order to control the users from accessing your screen while doing video conferencing, you should select the option to block the other users except for the host from sharing the screen.
  • Just turn on the auto-updates for the conferencing screen: You can turn on the automatic updates and have the latest security patches and the enhancements for the video conferencing sessions.
  • Stay updated: Just stay updated on McAfee antivirus software and update your software to block any suspicious and malicious scamming activity to occur on your PC or computer.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

Hopefully, this article has helped you to manage security while doing video conferencing. On the official website, you will get more insights and the topics related to the one we have just discussed. Consider the tips in the article and stay safe, stay at home.

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