Are cloud video conferencing apps secure? Think again

As the distance learning and online meetings are still going at their pace, we are not sure when a vulnerability could make an entry in the video conferencing application you are using. As a result of the same, we have been witnessing so many incidents where the video conference of users got leaked and even some important data of people also got into wrong hands due to this.

The incidents that took place in the recent past were enough to let us know why we should make a wiser choice while downloading any application on our devices.

Why? Because our privacy has to be our biggest priority in this crooked world and protection of the same is what should matter the most to us.

So, in this post, we shall try to look at the diverse aspects of why you need to give it a second thought before downloading a video conferencing app.

Vulnerabilities discovered by McAfee

Research performed by McAfee experts found a vulnerability in such applications which simply reflected that a hacker could easily be a part of the online meeting that you are attending. This directly hints that whatever discussion is taking place at the conference can easily go into the wrong hands. Therefore, one is suggested not to install the application until the vulnerability is patched. However, there are certain things that users can do in order to stay ahead of all of this.

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Things to consider before attending a meeting

  • Check the attendees’ list

So, if you are invited to join a meeting and you think that it is safe to join it when actually it might not even if a trusted person has sent you the invitation. If you can, check who all are the part of the meeting. If not, join the meeting and then check the attendees’ list. If you come across anyone suspicious ask others about him if anyone from the group knows that person or not.

  • Be skeptical before downloading an app

Security experts always suggest users always be on check if an application is worthy of download or not. Try to be skeptical and know if an application is safe to download or not. You can also read the review of the particular app to gain more information.

  • Download the app update

Keeping your apps updated is one of the most basic as well as the best things you can do. This is because with an update a patch for the vulnerability could be available.

With a security solution like this, you can always be protected from being spied by a hacker and lose your essential data.

  • Do not go with the app’s popularity 

Just because an app is popular doesn’t mean that it is worth downloading, especially when you do not want to compromise your identity or privacy.


After reading this post, we can say that it is very essential to choose a cloud video conferencing app very wisely. Even if you are using an application for learning purposes, then also this thing should be considered seriously.

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